Men the Experience

Men the Experience is the newest male revue playing at the Riviera casino and hotel.


Prepare to excite your senses and make your dreams a world as the phase is taken by these chiseled hunks. Guy the Encounter is the new number-one name in stunning Vegas entertainment for couples and girls. Guy the Encounter is a stay, activity packaged, 75-minute show done by some of the best guy in Vegas. This up-scale and elegant show functions various gifted guy which are manly, hot and of course really fine.

The Riviera has assembled a cast of some of the hottest entertainers available. These shirtless hunks have done for hundreds of girls from around the globe. These fit guy showcase choreography and innovative and intricate costumes set against a breathless multimedia backdrop that titillates the senses. Guy the Encounter will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Women, the performances are right in the pages of your favourite romance novel and women should participate on stage through the entire show. Be captured by the Key Agent; captivated by the Military Officers and Fire Fighters. View as mobsters in zoot fits perform Cowboys and an unbelievable seat routine emerge in their boots with guns a blazin’. Sing along as the guy perform a special homage to the film “Magic Mike”. These are just a couple of the items the men have in-store for the eventide. So women, unwind and allow your hair down. Observing a bachelorette celebration, birthday celebration, divorce party, or simply a crazy “ladies night out” in Vegas, Guy the Encounter is the spot to encounter an evening that you just will not shortly forget. After the present, love a meet and greet and shoot a picture with the guy.