Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell

Performer Bio Information

Name Kevin Cornell

Height: 6”1 Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue

Birthday: 10/10 Zodiac Sign: Libra

Where were you born? St. Louis, Missouri

Where did you grow up? Southern California

Do you own pets? Yes, 1 pit bull named Lilo and 1 Chinese Crested name Willow

If you had the ability to go back in time and give your younger self a piece of advice that you wish someone had given to you back then, what would that advice be?

Enjoy all of life , twice as much!

Describe yourself in your own words. Down to earth, genuine, great sense of humor, and open minded

Instagram – @virtual10’skevincornell Facebook kevindoccornell

Describe to your fans what you find to be sexy… what turns you on?

Loves a genuine smile and a great attitude

Describe to your fans what you find to be unappealing… what turns you off?

Negativity will make me just walk away

Tell your fans five things that they do not already know about you that you would like to share.

Loved science in school.

Crime thrillers are my favorite movie genre.

Not a morning person.

I have a vast collection of Hard Rock stuff from all over the world from my touring days.

Loves old hot rods, the beach, and playing guitar.

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate chip

What is your favorite comfort food? Steak

How often do you work out? 5 days every week

What is your favorite movie? The Big Lebowski

Who is your favorite musician/artist? Too many to list, but rock & roll and metal are my favorite genres

What food will you NOT eat? Vegetables

Who is your favorite sports team(s)? Raiders, football / Vegas Golden Knights, hockey

How big are your biceps? Never measured them, but I know they are muscular!

When you think of the perfect All-American male, you can’t help but immediately think of Kevin!

Standing at 6’1”, with blue eyes and blonde hair framing an amazing 220-pound muscular physique, this St. Louis born walking dream is as genuine as he is a Virtual 10! Kevin grew up in California, and it seems that had a positive effect on Kevin, don’t you think? Maybe that’s why he enjoys the beach and playing guitar so much!

Admittedly not quite a “morning person,” Kevin is very easy going. (That must be because he was born in October and is a Libra!) He thinks that a genuine smile and a great attitude are sexy, and negativity is the turn-off that will make him just walk away.

Do you like men who are animal lovers? If so, look no further. This perfect specimen has two kids – four legged kids with fur, that is! There’s a Pitbull named Lilo and a Chinese Crested named Willow that come along with this guy! He it TOTALLY a dog person!!!!

But Kevin isn’t just a beautiful man to look at – he hustles. For 20 years, Kevin worked not only as a Chippendale Dancer, but he was an acting Manager, as well. His career started in Los Angeles, continued to New York, and then left for Las Vegas. He has toured all over the world, showing multiple countries what the All-American Dream is all about! Wondering if that’s one of the reasons why Kevin enjoys live entertainment so much….